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January 16, 2020
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January 20, 2020

Southern California Earthquake

On July 4th 2019, a 6.6 magnitude earthquake rocked Ridgecrest, a city in Kern County, Southern California. The powerful quake caused structural damage and injuries near its epicenter. It was the strongest quake in 20 years for the region.

Intelligence Analysts at EVNTL were quick to publish a WARNING alert to its clients at 1:40 pm EST. By comparison, News source #1 broke the news at 1:48 pm and News source #2 followed with its account at 2:00 pm. Subsequent EVNTL alerts provided timely information on the developing story.

Below, a timeline of events illustrates and highlights the CENS advantage.

The CENS Advantage

EVNTL News Source #1 News Source #2
01:40 PM 01:48 PM 02:00 PM

CENS Alerts

01:40 PM A magnitude 6.6 earthquake has been recorded in Southern California 01:40 PM at 17:33 UTC. Exact epicenter location is 35.70 N ; 117.51 W
03:10 PM Kern County Fire reporting multiple reports of gas leaks in the Ridgecrest area after the earthquake hit.
03:26 PM Emergency alert another possible earthquake has been predicted within the next 15 minutes in or near Kern County, according to Kern County Fire Department.