Detect Breaking News Events & Critical Information

EVNTL provides leading edge technology to industries where competitive advantage is measured in seconds. Our innovative AI technology platform ensures that relevant and actionable information is delivered to key individuals in real-time.

Our Advantage

Leverage Real-time Data for Predictive Insights

Our Core Technology

EVNTL’s initial market focus catered exclusively to the Safety and Security Industry where timely, actionable and refined information is critical. The success of our security platform led to requests from multiple industries with specific use cases.


Our Algorithm
Scans Millions of Pieces
of Information Daily

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • "We have used other breaking events products but EVNTL’s security domain expertise makes their product a cut above."

  • "EVNTL’s intelligence and assessments have been critical to the protection of our assets and personnel in America and globally."

  • "EVNTL has an exceptional product that we rely on daily. Our strategic analytics team uses the CENS information in making both security, cyber and investment decisions."

Industry Examples

Where Timely, Informed
Decisions are Critical.


Be Aware of Critical Events as They Break

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