Fully Automated, Real-Time Alert System

EVNTL’s Critical Event Notification System exploits a unique natural language processing capability embedded within a broader and proprietary AI platform, to identify, locate and ensure the truth and veracity of breaking events.

Our Services

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Track open source information in a fully automated, real-time manner for significant and events.

Private security

Accurate information, delivered at the right place and time, will augment the capacity for security firms to keep their clients' personnel, assets and facilities safe.


Prevent fraud. Estimate future events. Improve business results.

Mineral Extraction

With invaluable equipment and employees deployed globally, in remote areas, it’s crucial to have access to verified, breaking events at the local, regional and international levels.


Intelligence delivered instantaneously enables comprehensive and timely financial and investment decisions.

Corporate Security

Risk identification, mitigation and incident management. Brand protection, management and anti-pirating.


Over the past decade, EVNTL’s engineers and programmers have developed a proprietary algorithm that can identify, authenticate, geo-locate and deliver intelligence relative to fast breaking events, on a local, regional, national and international scale.

Our product exploits its unique natural language processing capability, embedded within the broader, proprietary AI platform, to identify, locate and ensure the truth and veracity of a range of events. Our algorithm ensures that the information comes from trusted sources, located in the geographic vicinity of the event in question